Dear Friends,

What better way to show you appreciate our Troops & their families than to be present and thank them in person? I hope you will join us on Sept. 10th, and bring the whole family and make it a day that they, and you, will never forget, as together we honor their sacrifice on the 10th anniversary of 9/11. 

And if you live outside of the area and can't be with us, you can show your support for our troops through this Worthy Tribute with you donations to help cover the costs. Here's how you can help...



1.  Can't Join Us?
Donate to cover the cost of dinner for a Troop & their family ($10.00 pp)


2.  Own a restaurant or business?
Contribute food or gift certificates or items for the Troops' gift bags presented to them at the event. P
lease send to the address above or contact us by phone.


Local Businesses that have already contributed:

See names on our Sponsor page HERE.

 3.  Be a Sponsor
Contact: Duane Hughes 707-322-3632

We hope to see you there!